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Building Cloud Infrastructure and Software Development On Google Cloud​​




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Gitlab CI/CD
Google Cloud
Helm Charts

For this project, we were tasked with designing and implementing a complete cloud-based system, from the front-end user interface to the back-end infrastructure. The front end was built using the Python programming language and the Django framework, while the infrastructure was created using an “Everything as Code” approach and DevOps principles.

We aimed to create a scalable, automated, easy-to-manage system and took full advantage of the Google Cloud Platform’s capabilities. To achieve this, we deployed a Django-based application on the Google App Engine (GAE) service. The benefits of using GAE included low computing costs since the application scales to zero when not in use and high availability across three different zones in the Warsaw GCP region.

We implemented other types of applications in a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) environment. The packaging of all of the applications was handled through the use of Helm Charts. During periods of high demand, we were able to rapidly scale our applications by distributing traffic to Cloud Run instances.
In addition, we employed Terraform to handle infrastructure provisioning within the Google Cloud Platform. To store and manage our databases, we chose the CloudSQL service and opted for the reliable MySQL solution.

At SlickCloud, we understand the crucial role that continuous integration and delivery play in agile workflows. That’s why we implemented robust CI/CD pipelines for all types of applications, resulting in lightning-fast deployment times. This creates applications that can go from development to production in just a matter of minutes.