We will create a cloud infrastructure, which will keep up with the growth of your business

See how migrating your business to the cloud will help you save money and ensure the scalability, security, and reliability of your applications.

01 - Cloud migrations

Scale applications and control costs

Are your company’s needs constantly changing? Do you want a way to manage your data that is cost-effective and flexible? Or do you want easy access to the applications at any time and any place? You have just found the best way to solve these problems. This is a migration to the public cloud that we will quickly and securely perform for your company.

What is the migration to the public cloud?

The migration to the public cloud is the solution of choice for the world’s largest business owners. It involves moving data, applications and systems from a company’s physical servers to virtual resources in public clouds such as Google Cloud, AWS or Microsoft Azure.

In practice, this means that you do not have to worry about server room management or a lack of resources, because all your data is in the virtual cloud. See what the process looks like when you follow the SlickCloud path!

Preparation and needs analysis

At the very beginning, we try to get to know your needs so that we can then present different options for cloud solutions. Based on the analysis, we determine which cloud provider will best meet the criteria of your company.

Environment analysis

We will carry out identification of all your servers and active services, establish relationships and dependencies between them. Only after an in-depth analysis will we present you with available options on how to best use cloud technologies in your case. In addition, we will map your network, and verify the backup and disaster recovery.

Designing a new environment

We will replicate your existing environment using the Lift and Shift method or build it completely from scratch, preparing and migrating your applications to meet Cloud Native standards. From the very beginning of building the environment, we will use Infrastructure as a Code (IaC).

Carrying out the migration

At the final stage, we will develop a migration plan for each component of your infrastructure, and then step by step we will implement it. We will conduct the entire process in accordance with the highest standards and best practices. All this to get the most out of the cloud capabilities of your organization. In addition, at each stage we will deploy your team to handle the new environment, building their new competencies.

Choose a path that will pay off for you

Resigning from migrating to the cloud...
You will block the ability to easily scale your infrastructure
You reduce the flexibility of your environment which should adapt to changing business and market needs
You will not use the full capabilities of infrastructure automation
You will be overpaying for maintenance
You will expose yourself to costly failures
You risk reducing infrastructure security
If you choose to migrate to the cloud with SlickCloud...
You will adapt your infrastructure to changing business conditions
You will pay only for the actual use of resources
You will ensure business continuity of services and applications
You will be able to access data from any place
You will facilitate infrastructure and application innovation
You will increase infrastructure security, including against DDoS attacks
You will accelerate the deployment of new applications without the need to tender, purchase and configure traditional servers

We are a Google Cloud Partner

If you want to migrate your business to the cloud, do it with the best. As a certified Google Cloud partner, we guarantee that with us you will go through the migration process quickly and efficiently, and you will also receive a number of benefits. Among them are specialized technical support, free credits and early access to upgrades and new services.

We will match you with the best type of cloud

In our team, we have experts on all major public clouds available on the market – Google Cloud, AWS or Microsoft Azure. Thus, we will first analyze your needs and then select the best cloud provider for you, which we will implement in your company.

We will take care of the security of your data

If you are held back from deciding to move to the cloud by the fear of losing your data, with us you do not have to worry about that. As a certified Google Cloud partner, we use the most advanced security mechanisms. With us, you are assured that all migrated data is secure and only authorized team members have access to it.

04 - Cloud audits

Do you already have a cloud infrastructure in place? Have us perform an audit

Have you moved your business to the public cloud, but the cost of maintaining it does not meet your expectations? Or are you unsure about the security of your data? Instead of wandering around, have us perform an audit. This is our proven path that will guide you towards improved efficiency and lower costs of maintaining your cloud infrastructure.

Don’t allow data and money to escape you

After we analyze your cloud infrastructure, we will provide you with a clear report. We will point out the weaknesses of your cloud infrastructure, as well as suggest better, cheaper and, above all, more efficient solutions. Together with us, you will optimize the cost of infrastructure maintenance and be sure that your company’s data is safe.

Let the specialists take care of your cloud

The public cloud, which stores all of your company’s data, is too important a subject to be left without professional care. If you choose to have us perform the audit you will get an independent opinion from our certified experts.
We know very well the path you need to follow to build a functional cloud infrastructure, so we will set you on the best path to its smooth operation.

We will go through the audit thoroughly and efficiently

We always put the client’s needs first, so as part of the audit, we will focus on the areas and issues that are critical to you. We will conduct the audit in such a way as to involve your team members as little as possible, allowing them to focus on the current challenges in the organization.

05 - FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Is the migration to the cloud safe for my data?

Yes, your data is extremely safe with Google Cloud or other public cloud providers. Providers use advanced encryption methods, have data centers with the highest security standards, regularly undergo independent audits, and offer advanced tools for privilege management. This ensures that both during and after the migration, your data is protected from unauthorized access.

How much will it cost me to migrate to the cloud?

The cost of migration depends on many factors, such as the amount of applications or data to be moved, as well as the method of approaching the migration. Contact us and we will provide you with a transparent quote.

Will my company comply with the regulations after migration?

Yes, we make sure that all cloud solutions comply fully with local and international regulations. As Google Cloud partners, we ensure that the infrastructure we create will satisfy the broadly understood compliance.

Will your cloud solutions be compatible with my current applications?

Our goal is to ensure seamless integration of your applications with the new cloud-based infrastructure. As a result of analysis and your company’s needs, we will either choose a quick and simple Lift and Shift method or fully refactor your applications and create a Cloud Native environment. We do our best to customize solutions so that they are fully compatible with the technologies you currently use.

Can my business operate normally during the migration or cloud audit?

We strive to minimize downtime during migration and audit. Our experience and proven methods allow us to carry out the process without downtime, ensuring the continuity of your business.

What if I do not have the resources or technical expertise to operate my company's cloud?

No need to worry about it! We offer full support for cloud management and migration processes. Our experts will guide you through the new infrastructure step by step and make your team accustomed to it.

What is the process of performing an audit?

The first step is for you to request an audit. We then arrange a meeting to determine exactly your needs and the scope of works. Once it is determined, we provide a quote. After accepting the quote, we sign an agreement and begin the audit, which consists of an in-depth analysis of your cloud infrastructure. The process ends with the delivery of a detailed audit report to you.