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We provide
{DevOps and Cloud} specialists even in 48 hrs

Are you in urgent need of qualified IT engineers for your project? Stop wandering around and don’t risk delays! Choose a proven path that we have tested ourselves – i.e. specialist outsourcing. Contact us and see how you can quickly complete your project successfully with our help.

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Check Clutch to see how clients rate the effects of our work.

We combine innovative processes with certified knowledge

As a result, we have become an official Google Cloud partner, and our specialists boast a number of cloud certificates. See why it is a good idea to trust us.

01 - Our path, your success

We know a proven way to quickly implement a project. Let us guide you through it!

We know that the process of recruiting IT engineers can be long and tedious, so we have gone through it many times to save you headaches and time. Based on our experience from many completed projects, we have developed a proprietary path that leads straight to the goal – delivering qualified IT engineers to your company. See where our effectiveness comes from!
  • We have qualified specialists

    We work only with certified DevOps and Cloud specialists who have demonstrated their skills by completing dozens of projects with us.

  • We work quickly and effectively

    We are united by cleverness, which is why our engineers use AI tools in their work to speed up tasks by up to 40%. With their help, they complete tasks faster and more efficiently.

  • We operate as a team

    What sets us apart from other IT companies are our developed soft skills. They allow us to communicate effectively and work for your success together with your internal team members.

Why should you waste your time searching when you can have such specialists on your team? SlickCloud engineers are looking forward to new challenges! Pursue your goal with us – have us outsource DevOps and Cloud specialists!

Take these 3 steps and fill the gaps in your team in 2 days

  • 01

    Arrange a meeting

    Tell us about your project and what IT specialists you need.

  • 02

    Sign the framework agreement

    We want to act as quickly as possible without too much paperwork, so our agreement fits on one A4 page.

  • 03

    Meet the first specialists within 48 hrs

    In order not to waste your time, we will provide resumes only for engineers who fully meet your requirements.

02 - Offer

Why is outsourcing IT engineers from us the best way to go?

Immediate support

The specialists we provide will start working on your project in no time.

Risk reduction

You will avoid the situation when, due to personnel shortages in the team, the project implementation is delayed or stopped.

Saving money

You will not incur costs associated with a drawn-out recruitment process, training new employees or renting office space.

Controlling costs

During our cooperation, we bill for the hours worked on your project. This way, no hidden fees will surprise you.


More free time

We will provide you with access to selected IT engineers who are ready to contribute to your team. You decide which expert you choose, we take care of the rest – from selection to coordination of their work.


Minimum formalities

Settlement, training and document issues are on our side. At the end of the settlement period, you will receive an invoice for the hours worked.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If a particular specialist does not meet your expectations, then we will refer someone else to your project.


When working with us, you are not bound by any long-term agreements. Our engineers will work on your projects only when you need them.

Access to the latest technology

Our specialists have experience in many different cloud environments and sectors. As a result, they have comprehensive knowledge and valuable experience that are sure to bring great value to your team.

One engineer, knowledge of the entire team

Decydując się na wsparcie jednego z naszych certyfikowanych specjalistów, zyskujesz nie tylko jego wiedzę i doświadczenie, ale także całego zespołu SlickCloud.

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03 - Case Study

Check out the tab with our case studies. We describe there the DevOps and Cloud projects we have completed for our clients. Maybe we will add your case study there soon?

We have helped many companies like yours

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We are effective and have the evidence to prove it

See what our clients are writing about their cooperation with SlickCloud.
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“What sets SlickCloud apart is its very flexible, customer-focused approach. Also: openness, efficiency and effectiveness, as well as response time and reliability. A real “can do” approach.”

Radoslaw Ocinski Senior Recruiter, Huuuge Games

“SlickCloud has built a fully automated, scalable and reliable environment for us on Google Cloud. They also took care of DevOps topics from A to Z.”

Adrian Gorzycki Manager PropertyNinja.pl

“The engineers provided by SlickCloud are proactive and integrate with our internal team in no time, which is not always obvious with other companies.”

Jörg Krause Resource Manager, technology company

“We chose SlickCloud because of their strong specialization in DevOps topics. They helped us to put together CI/CD systems and also to automate the environment according to the latest standards.”

Andrzej Gotlawski Director of an automotive company
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05 - About us

SlickCloud – your DevOps and Cloud partner

If you are looking for a business partner to support you in IT projects, you have just found it. As SlickCloud, we form a team that completes tasks smartly, using the latest technologies. Check out what we can do for you.

IT outsourcing

We will find qualified DevOps/Cloud specialists and provide them to you as part of your workforce outsourcing.


We will migrate your company’s infrastructure to the cloud, providing scalability, reliability and enhanced security.


If your company already has a cloud infrastructure, we will audit it to find its potential weaknesses in the area of security, costs or reliability.

Outsource these tasks to us while you focus on growing your business!
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