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Finding a DevOps engineer at a critical time. How express outsourcing saved the project of a gaming giant



Huuuge Games, a global giant in the gaming industry, is renowned for creating memorable experiences for gamers. Their growing ambitions go hand in hand with an excellent reputation. But even giants like them can encounter challenges that seem impossible to overcome. Here is the story of how we saved a project of this client by providing them with a specialized DevOps engineer in just 48 hours.

Challenge The clock is ticking

A quick survey of needs defined the problem – an urgent need for an experienced DevOps engineer to join the team, who will integrate into the project quickly and support its implementation.

The main risk for the project was whether to start a very detailed and lengthy recruitment in search of the right specialist, or to rely on the experience of a proven expert.

The client faced a dilemma that could have knocked them out of their rhythm and slowed down innovative projects. An experienced DevOps engineer was a key element to further develop their technological capacity. And the time to find one was extremely short. Despite their reputation and resources, traditional recruitment methods have not been successful. Each passing hour made the ideal candidate seem more and more unattainable. They knew they needed help – but who could provide it on such short notice?

Solution. Quick response, precise match

As soon as a representative of Huuuge Games asked us for help, we immediately committed all our available resources and experience to the process of selecting experts. Our goal was to provide first resumés of DevOps engineers that would perfectly match their project specifications. Thanks to the efficient coordination of our team, we completed this task in just 48 hours from the first contact. This shows how quickly and efficiently we can respond to our clients’ needs.

Result. Success in just a few days

In a short period of time, Huuuge Games had as many as 5 profiles of highly skilled DevOps experts. The narrowed proposal made the choice simple, any of the candidates would have done an excellent job, and the choice was determined by the nuances of personal preferences of the gaming tycoon. The issue of starting work was just a formality.

Client ratings? As SlickCloud, we not only met but exceeded Huuuge Games’ expectations. The company particularly appreciated our flexible approach when we adapted to the specifics of the client’s billing system. The whole process was simple and free of unnecessary paperwork. This proves that less really is more.

The speed of our response and openness was also very impressive. As the client stated, we represent a “real can-do approach.”

SlickCloud situation assessment – PRO tips

In the IT world, time is the key to success. Entrusting such a responsible task as finding an employee to an external company can raise many questions, so using Huuuge Games as an example, we offer a few professional tips to help you in a similar situation.

Evaluate your time. Can you spend a few weeks on traditional recruitment, or do you need someone immediately? Before you start recruiting in the traditional way, at SlickCloud we can already be working on your project.

Minimize the risk of making the wrong choice. Consider whether you can afford costly recruitment mistakes. At SlickCloud, we offer experts precisely tailored to your needs, so the risk of confusion is minimal.

Go for quality rather than quantity. Instead of digging through dozens of resumés that may not be the right match, focus on a few but precisely tailored profiles. As SlickCloud, we provide selected, vetted engineer profiles to shorten the selection process and go straight to action.

Performance above formality. Do you prefer to delve into a maze of complicated contracts and procedures, or do you want to go through a simple, clear process? We guarantee simplified procedures to support your projects.

Congratulate yourself on the decision you made. Successfully complete project milestones, and spend the time saved on what you really care about.

Do you need similar support? Arrange a meeting! Write to us and we will show you the right way to reach your goal.

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