6 reasons why your company should start outsourcing DevOps and Cloud experts in 2024

Mateusz Dzierzęcki


Are you a business owner or manager? Surely you know that the turn of the year is the perfect time for summaries. During this period, we check whether the previously adopted strategy has brought some measurable results and, above all, revenues. If the results of DevOps and Cloud projects in your organization haven’t been up to par, maybe it’s time for a change in tactics? To help you chart a new course of action for 2024, we’ve put together 6 reasons that will prove to you that outsourcing experts is the way to go this year.

1.You will gain easy access to expert knowledge

At a time when market demands are getting higher and highly skilled professionals are getting scarce, outsourcing is becoming the key to expertise at your fingertips. Traditional recruitment takes many weeks or even months, while the time it takes to onboard a new employee further delays the entire process. And in the case of outsourcing, all you need to do is to submit a request to us with your requirements, and in just 48 hours we will provide you with experts who are ready to join your project almost immediately.

2.You may scale the team as needed

One of the key challenges facing IT and non-IT companies today is the flexibility in human resource management. By working with SlickCloud, you gain the ability to scale your DevOps and Cloud team based on your current needs. This means that you can quickly increase the number of experts during periods of intense development, or reduce it when the project enters a less demanding phase. This flexibility is invaluable because it will optimize your project costs and resources.

3.You will only pay for the work, not the employee

When you choose to outsource experts from SlickCloud, you incur the cost of doing a specific job rather than of keeping an employee – a significant change in the approach to cost management. The hourly rate we offer includes not only the services of the experts themselves, but also training, certification, billing management, payroll, benefits, etc. It means that you get a comprehensive service and you don’t have to worry about the additional costs and administrative duties of hiring a full-time employee. This allows you to focus on the key aspects of your business while we handle the paperwork and develop the competency of the engineers.

4.You will not have to trouble yourself with data security

If up to now, you have felt that your company’s data is not completely secure, or worse, there has been some information leakage caused by system faults, it is better to have it done by real experts who take the matter very seriously. The experienced seniors and experts on the SlickCloud team have worked on many such projects and know that the security of your data should always be top priority. That’s why they manage cloud resources only according to industry best practices so you can rest easy.

5.You’ll reduce the time required for onboarding

You know that situation when the one most experienced employee is absent at the office and suddenly the project can’t move forward? When you outsource SlickCloud experts, you will eliminate such risks. Each of our expert has the same knowledge as the rest of the team, and they are assisted by AI tools when performing their tasks. This way, no matter which engineer is assigned to your project, you can be sure that the assigned tasks will be completed quickly and efficiently.

6.You will introduce the latest technologies to your company

The new year is also a good opportunity to consider whether the company you manage is keeping up with the times. After all, when working on an outdated infrastructure, you certainly won’t become a leader in the industry.

Our engineers specialize in public clouds and apply the latest approaches to infrastructure and deployment of application such as IaC and GitOps. Therefore, if your in-house team lacks a person to carry out cloud migration or optimize cloud costs, it’s better to outsource it to a qualified expert. Not only will you gain a modern infrastructure worthy of the 21st century, but your team will also gain knowledge that they will use long after our cooperation ends.

Outsourcing of specialists is the future not only of the DevOps and Cloud area, but of the entire IT industry. Therefore, seize the moment and invite external experts to join your team to help your company grow in the coming year. Fill out the form and tell us what kind of expert you need – we’ll deliver them to you even in 48 hours.

Mateusz Dzierzęcki