Does outsourcing DevOps experts pay off? We give answers to some customer questions

Mateusz Dzierzęcki


Is outsourcing DevOps experts a good move for my company? – we have heard this type of question more than once when talking with potential customers. We are not at all surprised by this, as employee outsourcing is still a phenomenon that many people have yet to be convinced by. In the IT industry, however, such a strategy is increasingly common, and those who have opted for it are unlikely to return to traditional recruitment methods. For this reason, in this article we have collected 6 questions that potential SlickCloud customers ask most often. Read our answers and make sure you still want to deny yourself the chance to grow.

1.Won’t outsourcing be more expensive, since the costs include salaries for the experts and handling fees of the company?

When working with SlickCloud, you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs. With us, the billing model is clearly established and it is based on a net rate for each man-hour worked. This rate also includes the cost of the expert’s ongoing training and certificates, billing, vacation, and all sorts of benefits. As a result, our clients ultimately pay only the final rate, book the invoice as an expense and do not worry about any other charges. So you save not only money, but also time, because you do not have to deal with formalities or hiring an employee.

2.How can I be sure of the work quality provided by the engineer selected for the project?

We specialize only and exclusively in Cloud and DevOps topics, so when selecting experts to join our team, we put quality first. We are not a typical IT company that deals with everything and nothing at the same time at a satisfactory level. Together, we have already completed many successful projects, and our expertise is confirmed by certificates and partnerships with major cloud providers. This makes us feel like experts and we know that our engineers will bring great value to the project contracted by the client.

3.Will the outsourced engineers be able to communicate effectively with my staff when they are not part of the team?

We often deal with this concern, and our experience shows that by adding external experts to a project, communication often gets better, not worse. This is because at SlickCloud, we emphasize soft skills in our experts. They are the ones who bring great value to the team, as they not only have solid technological knowledge, but teamwork is a skill they have mastered. 

4.Will an external expert be able to quickly integrate into a project and a new environment in which they have not been involved?

In this case, too, our very narrow specialization plays a key role. As Cloud and DevOps experts, we are able to quickly build a team that can efficiently achieve the client’s business goals. On more than one occasion, we have implemented projects where time was a priority – after all, speed is written into the DNA of our brand. In such cases, we are able to engage a much larger team to complete the tasks within the deadlines set.

5.Will an engineer assigned by an external entity bring different value to the project than an employee hired by my company?

If you’re only looking at it in terms of the number of employees in a project, you actually may not see the difference between hiring an employee and outsourcing one. Note, however, that an outsourced employee is able to bring much more to your project than the tasks performed. Our experts have worked on a wide variety of projects in the fields of DevOps, cloud migrations, CI/CD implementations, among others, and are ready to use this knowledge for the benefit of your business.

In addition, working with us allows you to scale your team. You can increase or decrease the involvement of experts depending on the phase of the project, which is more difficult to achieve with permanent employees. If you choose to outsource our exporter, you will gain access not only to their expertise, but to the entire SlickCloud team. This is due to the fact that we all act as a team and constantly exchange the latest information. So the value that outsourcing brings is not only comprehensive knowledge, but also flexibility.

6.What if I no longer need an additional expert after the project ends?

When we work together to bring the project to completion and you no longer need the assistance of an additional expert, when working with SlickCloud, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary costs. We are flexible, so our contracts have a 30-day notice period. This way your budget will not be strained, and we will quickly assign our expert to another project after the notice period is over. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation, both for you and for us.

The question that is still holding you back from bringing engineering outsourcing to your company is not on our list? Fill out the contact form to learn all the reasons why outsourcing in business simply pays off.

Mateusz Dzierzęcki