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Behind the scenes of the record-breaking recruitment. How we provided a top DevOps engineer to our client in 48 hours


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Every entrepreneur operating in a rapidly changing IT environment faces dilemmas that seem as inevitable as they are unpredictable. When you invest in technology, you probably wonder if the decision you’ve made will yield the results you want. Often these decisions are taken under time pressure and the need to act quickly. Such moments define the entrepreneurial spirit in the IT world. Therefore, when one of our clients faced a recruitment challenge, we, as SlickCloud, were ready to provide effective solutions.

In the following case study, we’ll tell you the story of how, in just 48 hours, we answered our client’s emergency request by providing them with not one, but two ideal candidates for a DevOps expert position. Is this a magic trick, or is it the result of our determination, experience and unique approach to recruiting in the IT industry? We encourage you to read the story that may inspire your next business decisions.


When one of our clients, who runs a thriving enterprise in the IT sector, approached us with an urgent requirement, the atmosphere was tense. They needed to immediately supplement their team with a new DevOps engineer. The struggle against time has become a standard fare for them. Their frustration grew with each passing day, as in their attempts to partner with other, seemingly more reputable companies, they encountered a wall of bureaucracy: endless kick-off meetings, long-winded sales presentations and a lot of other procedures that seemed nothing but a waste of precious time. Every minute that passed increased the pressure and stress of having to act quickly. At this blistering pace, when every moment was at a premium, they realized that they needed a partner who could take on the challenge and act decisively without wasting a second.


The challenge our client faced was colossal. Although they needed a new DevOps expert at lightning speed, they weren’t entirely convinced that this was even possible. During meetings, they repeatedly stressed that it was a matter of “to be or not to be” for them. We understood their level of anxiety and realized the burden of responsibility. They have given us a huge amount of credit, while at the same time making it clear that they will hold us accountable for every promise in the near future – exactly as politicians do after elections. We felt the pressure, but at the same time we were fully determined. Our goal was not just to meet expectations, but above all to show that we can act quickly and effectively, even in the face of such a huge challenge. Our reputation and customer confidence hung in the balance, but we were ready to prove our worth.

The solution

we conducted an express survey of the needs and matched a specialist. After all, we only had 48 h

We faced a nearly impossible task: finding the perfect DevOps expert for our client in just 48 hours. The first step was to conduct an express survey of the client’s needs and profile the candidate sought. In the context of this challenge, SlickCloud’s proprietary process was unrivaled in the market. Our unique combination of flexibility and speed was exactly what the client needed. After a brief but intensive meeting, we provided the client with several resumés of potential candidates without beating about the bush. We went through the whole process extremely smoothly, without having to sign many contracts or unnecessary paperwork. Our deep knowledge in the areas of Cloud and DevOps allowed us to precisely match candidates with client expectations. This approach not only met expectations, but most importantly saved the client time and resources.

Condensed selection process – choose the best or the best?

Facing a recruitment challenge for our client, we revolutionized the standard search process. Thanks to our unique approach, we shortened the multi-stage procedure to one key moment – the selection between two candidates who were just about perfect. Instead of forcing the client to wade through dozens of resumés and interviews, we introduced them to just two experts – both distinguished by their exceptional competence and experience. Both were “tailor-made” for the customer’s needs. We have narrowed the whole process down to one, albeit not easy, decision: choosing between the best and the best.


The final result? The introduction of two outstanding DevOps experts presented them with an almost luxurious problem – they had to choose between two excellent candidates. In such a short period of time, we not only met their needs, but exceeded them. Such achievements have not only strengthened the relationship with the client, but also cemented our position as a leader in the field of IT recruitment, for whom even the most challenging tasks are no obstacle.

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